Royal Palm Place Downtown Boca Raton Art Diary

Royal Palm Place is the absolute charm of Downtown Boca Raton. It is filled with beautiful architecture, romantic courtyards, chic boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and bistros. You can't visit Boca without visiting Royal Palm Place.

My favorite time for sketching elegant Royal Palm Place is early morning. I come here before the sun rises. The morning air smells fresh because of a recent rain…birds are singing beautiful songs... I wander the cozy courtyards and choose location for drawing. Then, the sun reviles all the beauty - Royal Palm Place‘s courtyards are in pretty morning light. Colorful shadows are long on a sunny day, and it’s so much fun capturing those mysterious shadows.

I’ve met many amazing people in Royal Palm Place. I enjoy seeing their smiles when I show my sketches of the location in various stages of progression.

After finishing sketching sometimes I have a quick breakfast. Cote France - a traditional French cafe - an amazing spot to get a cup of fresh coffee and pastries. Another wonderful place for a breakfast is Saquella Cafe which is an Italian bistro with delicious coffee and tasty food. Royal Palm Place is perfect to go on a romantic walk, to meet friends, or to have a business meeting. I go there to get inspiration and create beautiful memories by sketching. Here are my favorite drawings I’ve made in Royal Palm Place. I hope you enjoy this art diary!

Downtown Boca Raton

Happy creative!

Inspired by a beautiful place!

Today, I am sharing Royal Palm Place sketches & paintings with you!

There is so much to explore in the area!

Start your walk from the statue of architect Addison Mizner and his pet monkey, Johnny Brown.

A waiting bicycle

Every Royal Palm Place spot has its own charm

Petit déjeuner is the most important meal of the day!:)

Gorgeous view and amazing traveller palm with its beautiful fan-like shape

Saquella Bistro is one of my favorite cafes. The cappuccino here is the best!

Live music on the terrace? Yes, please!

What is your favorite view of Downtown Boca? There are so many!


This bench is a masterpiece. I can't stop sketching it!

Wow! The 2022 Downtown Boca Raton Calendar featured my sketch. I was truly honored!

A little charming Royal Palm corner with a fountain

Charm of hidden courtyards

We all need a best friend

I love this little plaza because I always can find a beautiful courtyard in every part of it

This cat is out for a morning walk

Pretty even when the sun is hiding

The beauty of hidden courtyards

Sunny day

Capture the moment. It lives forever

A summer rain can't stop me from sketching

Another beautiful day in Downtown Boca

Awww! Here is the view I will sketch next time I visit Royal Palm :)

More sketches and pictures in my next post.

Thank you for reading my blog! You really are the best!

Royal Palm Place address: 201-299 Via De Palmas, Boca Raton, Fl, 33432

You can see more of my available for purchase artwork here

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Happy artist!

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