Mizner Park in Photos and Art

With your sweetheart or friends, visit Mizner Park in the heart of Boca Raton. It is full of unique places: Boca Raton Museum of Art, Mizner Park Amphitheater, IPIC Theaters, Mizner Park Cultural Center, Flossy's Fountain, restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, boutiques...! You can see local artists plein-air almost every Sunday morning there.

Mizner Park joyful atmosphere and charming architecture bring me so much inspiration! I can easily spend hours sketching it.

Today, I am sharing my inspired by Mizner Park photos and art with you, dear friends!

Downtown boca raton
Let's walk together! It will be fun!

mizner park
Happy with my Mizner Park color palette.

Mizner Park view.
Get ready to wander beautiful streets!

mizner park boca raton art
Every corner here is photo worthy!

Mizner Park florida lights
...and the details are gorgeous!

I love how the color of this super cool car matches the street lamp

Mizner Park shopping center
To me, the best time to visit Mizner Park is the first part of the day; so you can feel that relaxed atmosphere of one of the most beautiful places in Boca

starbucks mizner park
...but coffee first. The cafe looks so cozy!

starbucks mizner park
Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the time!

starbucks boca raton
It was so cold when I sketched this one. It was early morning, 6:30am... 50F(10C)! Freezing! My sketching body, Michelle, the artist, was seating next to me and sketching as well.

mizner park
Charming place!

mizner park gazebo
North gazebo at Mizner Park is also a wedding site. How romantic!

Mizner gazebo
I love the beautiful details

Mizner apartments
Mizner Park is also a residential area. Be respectful! Those are wonderful balconies with gorgeous view!

Mizner park
Thanks to Downtown Boca for using this artwork for their Amended Downtown Plan 2020. I was so honored

mizner park
Had a great time sketching this view together with my friend-artist, Michelle

mizner park
Just look at this beauty and get inspired!

mizner boca raton
I can spend a whole day here

mizner park downtown boca
Morning light makes this place even more beautiful

I just love this cute watercolor sketch I did for Cielito. They are amazing and they are such supporters for local artists! Enjoy visiting this ice cream cafe!

One of my favorite. I did this when it was a Valentine Day. I am so happy it found home:)

First sketch I did at Mizner Park

Mizner Park and Reflection in the Water. This one just found a new home, too

mizner park
Lady with Roses. This is a new acrylic painting. Sometimes, I think I am doing this just because of the incredibly happy colors of this place. So fun!

Just look at all those planters! They full of colorful flowers! Nice!

Boca raton art
Have fun! :)

mizner park
Mizner Park hours: Mon-Thu 11am - 8pm; Fri-Sat 11am - 9pm; Sun 12pm - 6pm

mizner park
New dresses in the shop window

mizner park night
Mizner Park at Night. Acrylic. It is available for purchase!

the beauty of boca
The Beauty of Boca, oil, 16"x20". Morning light was my inspiration here

art boca raton
The view from the North Gazebo. People enjoy walking the streets every day and I can't stop capturing that:)

Beautiful Mizner Park Flowers and MP Amphitheater under the sun

Welcome to Mizner! One of my old watercolor sketches

Mizner Park Apartment Windows, watercolor sketch

I was so happy to create this watercolor for a beautiful lady and her family. I appreciate her support!

The meet-cute at Mizner Park, oil, 18"x24"

Did you spot the little bird here?


Sketching time. I sketched what was around me

I really love this one - Mizner Park Promenade! I am so happy and honored it is in home of such a wonderful family

These two are special as well. I am so glad they found home

Here is Sur la Table in Mizner. It is always so much fun passing by this store and seeing people cooking! The atmospherethere looks so warm

This little oil painting just recently found a new home

Got my art supplies and enjoyed Mizner in the morning

Gorgeous MPA mural art. Bravo!

Photographing Michael and Madelyn Savarick Tower Clock which is located next to the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Amphitheater

Florence Keesely (Flossy) and her Yorkshire Terrier, Schatzi, at Mizner Park Amphitheater


This illustration is special. The Veterans Day at Mizner Park Amphitheater. I absolutely loved that day!

I sketched Art/Yoga event in MPA - note the artist, too :)

Starry Night

Collecting all those charming details

I focused on the beautiful flowers at MPA here. Colorful flowers made this work more vivid and romantic

Have a nice day!

I love visiting Boca Raton Museum of Art. Thanks to my friend for this pic. It also was her birthday party at the Museum that day. That was fabulous!

I will treasure this book which I got from the Museum forever!

A quiet alley with the street clock

Christmas time!

Wow! Drawing the Christmas tree at Mizner Park is now a great tradition for me! The Tree looks magical! Christmas 2019

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2021. Santa is here! Make a wish!

Christmas 2022. I love this colorful site of Mizner Park!

Life is art, indeed!

I hope guys you enjoyed the post! It was so much fun creating it! Thank you for reading!

Love Boca Raton!


Mizner Park address: 327 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, Fl 33432

You can see more of my available for purchase artwork here

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