Ukrainian Girl

June 2022

Hey everyone! I'm Lena and I'm an artist. I was born in Ukraine and I live in Florida. I hope that through my art may you be filled with happiness, kindness, peace, joy, and LOVE! Enjoy!


August 2021

Coming to America from the country of Ukraine, Lena Belyaeva views herself as an artist, an illustrator, a wife, and a mom living in beautiful South Florida.


Lena’s Boca Raton art journey started five years ago when she and her family visited the beautiful city of Boca Raton for the first time. Lena was impressed by Boca’s heritage Spanish architecture, the warmth and cheerfulness of the beaches and landscapes, and elegant florals. Lena wanted to share her impressions with other people by telling each person she met: “Look! Can you see how beautiful Downtown Boca is? Have you seen today’s sunrise from the beach? Did you notice how unique that pink accent is on the buildings' walls and how bright is that sap green of the grass!” It was hard for her. Her English was very poor at that time. She struggled that she was not able to express her feelings. Deeply inspired by the beauty of Boca, Lena began putting her impressions down on paper, filling whole albums with detailed drawings and sketches of places she discovered for herself. She wanted to capture local people's emotions as well which made her feel inspired and happy. She began posting her artwork on Instagram.

Then, a real miracle started happening to Lena. Lena's drawings caught the attention of local people and they started to leave very kind feedback on her art by following along, commenting, and sending messages. They could recognize the places which warmed their hearts. For some people, it was the place they spent their childhood, for others it reminded the first date or a wedding ceremony spot. Not only Boca Raton people messaged Lena, but also people from other states and even other countries such as Norway, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, and others who spent some time in Boca and fell in love with it forever. Lena has been honored to collaborate with Downtown Boca in creating illustrations for the 2020 town calendar, MP Amphitheater ad poster, and the cover of the Downtown Report Plan; the City invited her to join art events. She was commissioned by local businesses to create a number of illustrations, designs, and The City maps. Recently, Lena received great excitement and honor to be invited by Downtown Boca Library to represent her artwork there.

All this magical support from people allowed Lena not only to stop feeling the lack of communication but to meet lots of new friends and to be inspired to continue her art “diary”. She found her way to communicate with the people in her own visual language - the language of art. Lena is so thankful to the people, dear friends, for their incredible support. She strongly believes that no city could be beautiful and so heartwarming without those fantastic residents, artists’ supporters, and patrons. Today, Lena enjoys working in the Plein-air and in her home studio; Lena continues capturing the beauty of The City by painting watercolors on paper and oils on canvas; she works with the hope that each illustration she creates will bring warm memories to the viewers, inspiration, and make a viewer realize again and again how wonderful is Boca Raton.