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About Me:

Lena Belyaeva is a self-taught artist/illustrator and freelancer who has a passion for watercolor and oil painting. Lena was born in Ukraine. Presently, she lives in Boca Raton, Florida. Lena takes her inspiration from Boca Raton’s beautiful architecture and daily-life sceneries around her. She tries to capture not only the main attractions of “The Pink City”, but, also, to encourage people to stop and notice the small charming details.

Lena likes traveling and then creating watercolor or oil artwork inspired by the places she visited. 

Her watercolor work includes illustrations for magazines, children’s books, and town maps.
You can see Lena’s current work on Instagram: lenasart2019, or contact her at lenasart2019@gmail.com 

Hello everyone! Exciting news! I have recently become a happy resident artist at Zero Empty Spaces Boca Raton and full-time paint there in my art studio:

5250 Town Center Circle Suite 109, Boca Raton 

One of the great things about becoming a ZES artist is that I can show my artwork to you!

If you like visiting art spaces, please, come and see my art and what I am working on currently! - and perhaps pick up a unique piece of art that will be a warm memory about Boca Raton for you or for your family and friends.

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